Broad Peak - 8047 meter

My first and only encounter with Broad Peak took place in 1994 where I visited the area together with tree climbing companions: Jan Mathorne, Kim Sejberg and Henrik Jessen Hansen. It was a year of fraught where a number of expeditions claimed to have reached the summit without actually reaching further than the foresummit around one hour from the real summit.

Together with my friends I reached camp 3 at around 7000 meters in the second attempt. From here I continued together with Jan, the two others feeling sick. We made a fourth camp at 7400 meters and from that we reached the summit next morning followed by a cathalonian climber. Next day it was a battle to get down in a blizzard and we had to take rests in some of the camps but eventually we made it back to basecamp a couple of hours after dark - happy and tired :-)