Dhaulagiri - The White Mountain

Dhaulagiri is the Mont Blanc of the Himalaya as it's name means "The White Mountain". My first attempt on an 8000 meter peak was on Dhaulagiri but I did not succeed. Jan Mathorne (the picture above) and I was forced to turn back on the summit day during a blizzard. We suffered minor frostbite but had we continued the last 300 meters to the summit, we might not have returned alive. Anyway, the expedition was a great experience for me personally and using the camps that Jan and I placed another team member scaled Dhaulagiri in better weather a week later, thereby giving succes to the expedition

Now I'm planning on returning to complete the ascent. Spring 2014 it's my goal to attempt Dhaulagiri once again. Want to join my expedition? Use the link below and read more about the plan, the cost, the equipment and the experience necessary to join.