K2 - the ultimate challenge?

Many regard the shapely peak of K2 as the ultimate challenge for a mountaineer. I do not completely disagree but on the other hand there are many challenging peaks and some of the other 8-thousanders might apply for the same title.

Nevertheless, K2 is a unique mountain and has a certain odour of adventure about it that is not applied to any of the other of the highest peaks. As the only mountain it has kept the name the geographers gave it when first sighting it from a long distance. K1 is now Masherbrum, K3 is now Broad Peak but K2 is still K2. There was no local name that was used widespread and the name "Mount Godwin-Austen" luckily never found acceptance.

As you can see from the picture above I have climbed Broad Peak, which is lying just across the glacier from K2. Climbing Broad Peak and looking at the awesome pyramid of K2 for over a month lighted a fire inside me. Luckily a long lasting fire, now 17 years later I'm making plans for an attempt.

I regard K2 as one of the more dangerous mountains of the group of 8 thousand meter peaks therefore, I plan to do a combined G2/K2 expedition in order to acclimatize on Gasherbrum II before continueing after a solid rest by making an alpine style climb of K2. The route will probably be the socalled Cesen route that unites with the Abruzzi "normal route" on the shoulder at almost 8000 meters.

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