Mt. Everest - Top of the World

Spring 2013 I'm attempting Mount Everest again this time from the north. My two previous attempts were from the south using the Polish Pillar route that avoids the South Col/Camp 4, Geneva Spur andCamp 3 on the Lhotse face by going directly from the Western Cwm up to a point above South Col.

I visited the north side of Everest when I led an expedition to the small, nice mountain Lhakpa Ri (7045 meter). Our advanced basecamp was positioned only half an hour from Everest ABC. We visited that camp and I was thrilled by the view of the north side of Everest and the thoughts about the route that was pioneered by Mallory and Irvine - maybe they even got to the summit in 1924.

Danish followers can find news regarding the expedition on Opdag Verden